A delicate balance of anhydrous hemp ,mct oil and limonene.limonene is a citrus derived terpene that is known to elevate mood .Elevated mood is what everyone can use during a hectic work day. Enjoy PRO-DAB® Lemon flavored blend in a .5 carried thoughout the day.


 Our Qaulity blend of Hemp MCT oil and Borneol and menthol. Borneo produces the aroma of mint and has been around for centuries.Borbeol helps to keep you going thru the days you don't succumb to fatigue from the load your CEO heaps on you. PRO-DAB® mint what the "WOREKING PROFESSIONAL" commands. You can savor PRO-DAB® 'S complex mint in a ./5 cartridge during breaks or at lunch with your colleagues.


This blend is special, not only for the flavors but the terpene combination. Mycene,limonene and beta-caryophyllene are present allowing PRO-DAB® strawberry-banana to help boost your creative juices.Find time to relax and find balance in a rigorous environment ,as every "WORKING PROFESSIONAL should. Strawberry-banana from PRO-DAB® has been developed for everyone who works, runs, or owns a business.Get your paper, and do what you does you can live your life, to the fullest

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